Health and Social Care Professionals

Zest is a company that genuinely wants to provide a service that delivers a high standard of care for the people who choose to live in our homes.

Zest Care Homes is a company that genuinely wants to provide a service that delivers a high standard of care for people who live in our homes. We know, that for many of our residents, living in a care home is often not a preference. Our own home is where we all want to be, whether in good or bad health and therefore it’s important that we acknowledge moving into a care home is very much a second choice. As a result, we try to create an environment that is as close to being homely as possible, but with the added benefit of companionship.

We want our residents to maintain their independence and freedoms whilst living in our care homes. Encouraging residents to participate in day to day decision making is important to us, whether that be making menu choices, participating in activity programmes, choosing their own room, recruiting staff for the home, attending church services, going on outings, being involved in redecoration plans etc. In all things, we seek to harness residents opinions and views, to ensure all of us at Zest are reminded that we are working in their home.

Safety and security is important for families and we have invested in systems to provide independent oversight of the services we offer. Care Protect is one such example, ( that ensures families and other stakeholders have a high degree of transparency over service provision. That system is only ever used in private areas with the choice and written consent of residents or their advocate.We already use care plan technology in two of our homes to ensure we can provide a digital record of most interactions with residents. Those records are (with the consent of the resident) available for families to review if and when desired, to ensure that we provide the reassurance loved ones seek when placing an elderly family member into our care.

We are committed to the principles of honesty and integrity, promising that on occasions when a concern is raised or when we get something wrong, we will always be open about that event and confirm how any identified shortcoming was addressed We will also – as a result of subsequent training – seek to use that learning experience to improve the care delivery for all.

Seeing our residents as individuals, with different life experiences and hopes and dreams that they still wish to fulfil is our every day objective. For some that will simply be living in a warm, safe, caring environment, respected by staff and other residents. For others, keeping up weekly visits to the pub, getting out to church, undertaking occasional shopping trips, participating in community events and having a fulfilling busy lifestyle will be their priority. We will endeavour to enable each person living in a Zest Care Home to focus on wellness not illness, to maximise what is possible and to enjoy every day.

We actively seek to recruit a diverse staff group in order that we can respect the wide ranging cultural differences of many of our residents. Protecting heritage, sexuality and religious beliefs are fundamental objectives that we seek to acknowledge upon assessment and admission to a Zest Home.